Global BioIngredients represents over 70 years of knowledge and experience in agar production. By controlling every step of production from raw material collection, through manufacturing, to packaging and distribution, Global's factories set the industry standard for quality and supply chain reliability while controlling costs in a volatile market.

All bacteriological and technical grade agars offered by Global BioIngredients are manufactured from the Gelidium species of seaweed. Exclusive use of Gelidium insures higher gel strength, greater optical clarity, and consistent lot to lot purity and performance. Our factories are unique in the industry in their ability to control both raw material collection and the manufacturing process. By carefully maintaining worldwide coastal harvesting and collection rights we can protect our customers from the volatility of raw material pricing and shortages on the open market. Global BioIngredients offers a number of different agars to match every application and price point.

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Agar Gold Agar

Gold Agar is a food grade agar with a low gelling temperature, particularly well suited for confectionery, glazing, dairy, and meat products.

Agar Certified Organic Agar

Certified Organic Agar is targeted toward the growing health and organic food markets. Certified organic agar is an all natural, vegetarian, and organic thickening agent that can be used in icings, jellies, candies, yogurts and a number of other food applications.

Agar Technical Grade Agar

Technical Grade Agar uses the same unique variety of Gelidiumseaweed found in our bacteriological grades, but in a lower cost blend for routine use in microbiology and as a high quality agar for the food industry. Technical grade agar is available as a fine or coarse powder.

Agar Purified Agar

Purified Agar, equivalent to Nobel Agar, is a very highly purified specialty agar, practically clear and devoid of any nutritive value or reactive properties by design. Purified agar is typically employed in immunodiffusion studies as well as in the animal and plant cell culture fields.

Agar High Gel Agar

High Gel Agar offers the same quality as our bacteriological grades but is manufactured for applications requiring unusually high gel strength.

Agar Pharmaceutical Agar

Pharmaceutical Agar is manufactured using a freeze-thaw extraction process, making it one of the purest forms of general purpose agar available.

Agar European Agar, Bacteriological Grade

European Agar, Bacteriological Grade is the worldwide industry standard for general purpose agar. Recent capacity expansions to our state of the art factories insure reliable supplies of agar from our smallest customer to our largest.

Agar American Agar, Bacteriological Grade

American Agar, Bacteriological Grade is manufactured from a narrowly selected variety of Gelidium that produces a bacteriological grade agar second to none in its ability to support the growth of a wide variety of both fastidious and non-fastidious organisms. For decades our American Agar has been, and continues to be the gold standard by which other agars are measured. American Agar, bacteriological grade is available as a powder and in granulated form.

Agar Agarite

Agarite is a food grade agar optimized for use in high sugar products and for foods that require a higher gel point, also ideal in products that require more rapid gelling.

Agar QSolTM High Solubility Agar

QSolTM High Solubility Agar is a high solubility, quick-dissolving agar that completely dissolves at the relatively low temperature of 80 ÂșC. It is perfect for applications where energy savings is a concern. QSolTM High Solubility Agar also prevents the loss of organoleptic properties in products where other ingredients may be heat sensitive.

Agar EcoagarTM Organic

EcoagarTM Organic is a vegetable hydrocolloid extracted from seaweeds collected in ecologically certified natural environments and extracted following strict eco-equirements. This fine and homogeneous powder of a yellowish color is an all-natural, vegetarian thickening agent that can be used in icings, jellies, candies, yogurts and a number of other food applications.

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