Agarose: from criminal investigations to the exploration of biomaterials.

Global carries a wide variety of agaroses that cover all applications of this useful material. For those unfamiliar with this versatile product, here is a summary of its most relevant applications:  

The first and most important application is electrophoresis, a technique used for separating molecules according to their mobility in an electric field. This technique is used mainly for clinical diagnosis or genetic identity tests. Agaroses are used in criminal investigations, paternity tests, and genetic lineage verification.  

Chromatography is another major application of agaroses, in fact, it has grown exponentially in recent years. Agarose resins are used for purifying proteins and antibodies.  

Agaroses also play a role in the latest advances in medicine, they can be found in biomaterials such as those used in tissue formation.  

Agarose may also be found in the beauty and cosmetics industry. Cosmetic products such as creams, lotions, foams and masks may be made from agaroses. Nor should we forget its use as a filler in facial rejuvenation treatments.  

Beyond health, agarose is applied in a variety of sectors from the restoration of paintings, porticos or sculptures, to the making of molds and casts of sculptures for the manufacture of copies for study and restoration.  

Global has the widest range of agaroses on the market and has extensive experience in their use and marketing. Our technicians are ready to give you all the information you may need.