Did you know that agar is one of the foods highest in fiber?

One of the basic components that we must ingest in our daily diet is fiber, experts recommend eating 20 to 35 grams a day. Among all the foods we can choose from for this daily contribution, agar is an extremely abundant source of fiber; in fact, it contains 94 % of fiber. But, why is it so important to eat fiber every day? 

Almost everyone associates fiber with a healthy digestive system, but it is also beneficial for maintaining adequate cholesterol and blood sugar levels, it is good for the heart, and research on its relationship with psychological well-being research is underway.  

Normally, it is incorporated in our diet through foods considered to be rich in fiber, i.e. bread, biscuits, cereals, bran; which contain between 6 % and 45 % of fiber according to the product. Another option is dietary supplements, which contain about 20 % to 80 % of fiber. Apples are commonly known as one of the fruits highest in fiber, but, in fact, they contain about 4 grams of fiber, including the skin.  And what about agar? As mentioned earlier, agar contains 94.80 % of natural soluble fiber, clearly exceeding other foods of vegetable origin.  

Bringing agar into your kitchen will provide you with new ways of cooking and new textures, as well as many benefits to your body. You will find hundreds of recipes with agar: including sauces, jams, cakes, creams. You should try them!