Global BioIngredients launches its newest EndoLow® Peptone, EndoLow® Wheat Peptone

Less than a year ago, Global BioIngredients introduced a new line of next generation peptones developed specifically to meet the demands of the BioPharma vaccine and drug production sector.

EndoLow® peptones feature low levels of endotoxins without requiring ultrafiltration, maintaining growth factors that improve cell density and the production of recombinant proteins in cell cultures and microbiological fermentations. Today EndoLow® Wheat Peptone joins our EndoLow® Meat, Casein, and Soy Peptones expanding our catalog with an additional low endotoxin, animal free option. 

EndoLow® Wheat Peptone is a wheat protein hydrolysate free of animal derivatives with a low content of endotoxins. It is a source of nutrients that meets the general requirements of cell cultures. It can be used in tissue culture media, vaccine and antibody production, and in a broad range of other BioPharma processes.